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Introduction to Social Media for Business

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Introduction to Social Media for Business: Module 02 - Facebook

Course Description

In this course, you will learn how social media is used for business. We will discuss the importance of using keywords and doing your own research so that you are familiar with your competitors’ behaviors, the key search terms in your industry, and the process of gaining popularity. All platforms are applicable to these lessons, but we will focus on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube. These are the most popular and competitively used platforms.

First, we will discuss Pinterest. This platform allows users to explore various lifestyle topics and select posts they are interested in or may want to recreate. These lifestyle images can bring the user directly to the business website once an image has been clicked.

We will look at the business side of Facebook and discuss the important tools that can build your brand.

Twitter is all about headlines. We will help you create an enticing headline that gets attention and drives traffic to click on a link, watch a video, or go in the direction you intend.

LinkedIn is about making connections and is a career-based networking site. We’ll discuss what to post (and what not to) on the platform and how to present yourself on the site. Additionally, we’ll review the key services LinkedIn provides, such as the job search feature and the ability to build a professional network.

Lastly, we have Youtube, which engages people with its quick video content. We’ll talk about creating and managing your account, as well as how to efficiently navigate the site.

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Sandra Batakis
With more than 25 years of experience, I currently maintain my status as a Senior Microsoft Certified Instructor and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, all while working as a software and network consultant. I possesses extensive hands-on IT networking experience, including building computer networking infrastructures and implementing and migrating data to Microsoft Exchange. Throughout my career, I have delivered numerous Microsoft and CompTIA classroom-based as well as online boot camps and seminars across the United States.
Sandra BatakisA+ Trainer, MCT, MCSE, CIW

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