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Microsoft Windows 7: Advanced

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Course Description

In this course, you’ll learn some of the more advanced techniques for working within the Windows 7 environment. This course is intended for participants with some Windows experience, preferably Windows 7. The goal is to teach you skills that will enhance your experience with Windows 7 so you can be ready to use all its features efficiently.

First, you’ll learn about user accounts and password management. You’ll also learn about adding devices and printers.

Next, you’ll learn about file management and protection of those files. This includes protection by encrypting the files, or the backup and restore method.

Then, you’ll learn how to install programs and use utilities within Windows 7 that will help keep your environment secure. One option you will learn to use is System Restore, a recovery tool that allows you to reverse specific changes made to the operating system.

You’ll learn about networking (specifically different types of networks), how to configure networking, and how to connect to those networks. Networks also imply mobile computing since most people connect to a corporate network through their mobile device. This course will teach you about mobile computing, VPNs, and different forms of connections.

Finally, you will learn about security in the Windows 7 environment. Security is an extremely important topic for any business or individual to understand. You’ll learn how to configure the security on your laptop as a protection measure if it is ever lost or stolen or if an unauthorized individual uses it. You will also learn how to set up a Windows Firewall, tips for malware protection, how to keep up with Windows updates, and ways to edit the security and privacy features in Internet Explorer 8.

This is the second course in the Microsoft Windows 7 path. Prior to completing this course, participants should take Microsoft Windows 7 Basic.

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3h 34m 50s


Sandra Batakis
With more than 25 years of experience, I currently maintain my status as a Senior Microsoft Certified Instructor and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, all while working as a software and network consultant. I possesses extensive hands-on IT networking experience, including building computer networking infrastructures and implementing and migrating data to Microsoft Exchange. Throughout my career, I have delivered numerous Microsoft and CompTIA classroom-based as well as online boot camps and seminars across the United States.
Sandra BatakisA+ Trainer, MCT, MCSE, CIW

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