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70-646 R3: Windows Server 2008 Administration

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Course Description

This course teaches you all the necessary administration tasks involved in Windows Server 2008 management. From installation and planning roles to disaster recovery and troubleshooting, it covers every angle. Instruction begins with the basics of the installation of Windows Server 2008 and how you or your company can be best prepared for using this server.

We’ll also discuss ways in which you can convert your existing servers to Windows Server 2008 through a server migration. Then, we’ll talk through the process of getting those settings from previous installations and how to move them into the 2008 edition.

Next, you’ll learn what it means to make changes to the configuration plan. We’ll also talk about server roles, specifically the Application Server Role—which is a great position for developers or programmers within your company.

After this, we’ll look at some known security issues and talk about improvements and tools available in the Windows Server Security. We’ll learn about the File Server Role and the distributed file system, as well as its improved ability to make network shares available to people without mapping numerous network drives.

We’ll talk about plans to improve performance through high availability in your 2008 server and show you some examples of this. We’ll also learn about maintenance, the ongoing things you should be checking for to maintain the performance monitoring of your systems, and go over some new tools available to help you.

Disaster recovery preparation is next, specifically Microsoft’s backup and restore tool. We’ll also talk about business continuity, which allows businesses to plan how to navigate and free themselves from small outages.

Finally, we’ll look at common troubleshooting issues, both on the Windows server and on network platforms you are connected to.

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11h 44m 03s


Ken Mayer
As a certified Microsoft Instructor, I’ve focused my career on various security aspects of computer and network technology since the early ’80s. I’ve worked on a wide variety of IT training and high-level consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Through the course of my extensive career, I have taught a full line of Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, and other high level IT Security curricula.
Ken MayerMicrosoft Instructor

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