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CompTIA Security+ (Exam SY0-501)

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Course Syllabus(607 Lessons)

CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-501: Module 01 - Identifying Security Fundamentals
CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-501: Module 03 - Identifying Security Threats
CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-501: Module 05 - Implementing Host and Software Security
CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-501: Module 06 - Implementing Network Security
CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-501: Module 07 - Managing Identity and Access
CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-501: Module 08 - Implementing Cryptography
CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-501: Module 09 - Implementing Operational Security

Course Description

This course covers the essential functions of CompTIA Security+ so that you are fully prepared for the certification exam and the career objectives that follow. The course will feature basic instruction paired with demos and reviews, so you will retain the knowledge presented to you.

We will begin by identifying security fundamentals, including important concepts such as risk, vulnerabilities, threats, attacks, controls, authentication, and cryptography.

We will then dive into analyzing risk and how risk calculation, response techniques, mitigation, and change of management play an important role in the evaluation. Additionally, we will cover impact scenarios, privacy assessments, maximum tolerable downtime, recovery points and times, mean times, and performing a business impact analysis.

Next, you will learn how to identify security threats, including types of attackers, social engineering attacks, malware, software-based threats, wireless threats, and physical threats.

Furthermore, you will be able to conduct security assessments by identifying and assessing vulnerabilities, and then implementing penetration testing. How to execute host and software security will also be taught, including cloud and virtualization, mobile device security, and the software development lifecycle.

Network security will touch on configuring technologies, securing network design elements, implementing secure network protocols and services, and securing wireless traffic. This will lead into configuring access services and managing accounts.

We will then discuss how to implement cryptography, with important concepts such as select cryptographic algorithms, configuring a public-key infrastructure, and enrolling, backing up, restoring, and revoking certificates.

You will then learn how to implement operational security by evaluating security frameworks and guidelines, incorporating documentation in operational security, executing security strategies, managing data security processes, and handling physical controls. We will address security issues, such as troubleshooting, responding to incidents, and investigations. Lastly, we will discuss how to ensure business continuity through a disaster recovery process and plan development.
CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) exam is retiring. This course preps you for the (SY0-501) exam.
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Patrick Loner
I’ve worked in the IT industry for more than 15 years, specializing in Microsoft operating systems, from Windows NT 4.0 up to Windows 10. I’ve worked as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and as an IT consultant, helping companies deploy new operating systems and servers. I have experience in both the deployment and support aspects of Microsoft operating systems.
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