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Course Syllabus(54 Lessons)

Exploring SharePoint 2016 - Module 01 - SharePoint Features
Topic B: Flow Demo - Part 1
3 lessons15m 29s
Topic C: Power App - Part 1
3 lessons9m 05s
Topic D: New Features - Part 1
3 lessons22m 58s
Topic E: Improved Features - Part 1
3 lessons14m 00s
Topic F: Depreciated Features - Part 1
3 lessons9m 58s
Topic G: History - Part 1
4 lessons16m 41s
Exploring SharePoint 2016 - Module 02 - Collaboration and Management
Exploring SharePoint 2016 - Module 03 - SharePoint Support

Course Description

This course will explore SharePoint 2016, the web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. Although sold primarily as a document management and storage system, the product is highly configurable, and its function can vary depending on your organization’s needs.

We will begin by discussing infrastructure and licensing, and then we will give a flow demo. Next, we will dive into the power app, new and improved features introduced in 2016, as well as depreciated features, and a brief history of the product.

We will then look into the importance of collaboration and content management when using the product. Governance and retention will be discussed, as well as the search function and office apps.

Next, to describe the SharePoint support feature, we will explain the difference between onsite and offsite. We will discuss users and support, and then conclude with time and implementation scope.

Course Details

4h 09m 24s


Philip Wheat
I’m an industry veteran and have been active in the computer industry for over 20 years. With experience stretching back to the beginnings of the PC era, I’ve worked on the leading edges of technology, focusing on embedded systems, knowledge management, and sensor technologies. I’m one of the few who has worked with SharePoint since the original beta, have built my own microprocessor, and have had robotics projects featured in the press and TV shows around the world.
Philip Wheat

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