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Java Part 01: What's New

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Course Syllabus(62 Lessons)

Java Part 01: What's New - Module 01 - Language Enhancements
Topic A: Overview - Part 1
3 lessons7m 22s
Topic B: Language Enhancements - Part 1
3 lessons18m 50s
Topic E: Enhancements - Part 1
4 lessons10m 51s
Java Part 01: What's New - Module 02 - Concurrency Utilities
Java Part 01: What's New - Module 03 - IO and New IO
Java Part 01: What's New - Module 04 - Files, Async, Change
Java Part 01: What's New - Module 05 - Network Protocols

Course Description

We will begin this course with an overview of the new Java, the generic type inference, and language and data-type enhancements. We will then discuss concurrency utilities, including new concurrent utilities, ThreadLocalRandom Class, and Phaser Class.

We will cover IO and the new IO, which is an API that comes with Java to read and write data. This will include explanations of Java stream-based file, NIO files class, and NIO file system operations.

We will then dive into files, async, and change by highlighting important topics such as NIO walking the dir tree, finding files with NIO, NIO async operations, NIO async channel group, and NIO change notification.

We will then conclude with network protocols, SCTP, and SDP.

Course Details

3h 39m 56s


Brigitte Birze
I am a seasoned software development professional with over 25 years of experience in Corporate IT and Engineering across many verticals. I have been involved in every phase of the software development lifecycle from the perspective of several roles: individual contributor, team lead, S/W architect, system engineer, proposal author, and project manager. My innovative software architectures have resulted in six published papers and eight patents. I believe my dynamic communication skills, paired with my depth and breadth of technical knowledge, give me the unique ability to make the complex understandable and to convey technical concepts to cross-functional groups, speaking at the business or technical level.
Brigitte BirzeInstructor and Curriculum Developer

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