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Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5

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Course Description

This course will begin with a brief introduction into Angular so you can familiarize yourself with the program before an in-depth look into its site-building abilities. Here, we will cover tools and code, initializing a project, adding routing to app.module.ts, and completing routing functionality.

You will then learn how to build an e-commerce Site. We will discuss page layout, main site layout, home page and carousel layout, turning on routing, creating the products page, using a dynamic display of products, and backend product functionality and styling. We will then move onto cart layout, controller, and styling. We will conclude by summarizing what we have learned empowering you to build your own e-commerce site.

Course Details

2h 47m 34s


Brett Romero
I'm a seasoned software engineer, technology consultant, and instructor. My IT career has spanned decades and includes many gigs with Fortune 200 clients, including major banks, insurance companies, and tech firms. Over the last few years, I have worked for the U.S. Department of Defense in an effort to prove the way forward for the U.S. military's next generation of mobile and web applications. I have produced many technical trainings throughout my career.
Brett RomeroSoftware Engineer & Instructor

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