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Fundamentals of Javascript

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Course Syllabus(33 Lessons)

Fundamentals of JavaScript - Module 01 - Introduction to Javascript
Fundamentals of JavaScript - Module 02 - Intermediate JavaScript
Fundamentals of JavaScript - Module 03 - Working with JavaScript Elements
Fundamentals of JavaScript - Module 04 - Bonus JavaScript Tips

Course Description

We will begin this course with a detailed overview of JavaScript, including explanations of script tags, boxes, consoles, variables, undefined, typeof, NaN, concatenation, comparison operators, logical operators, mathematical operators, and commenting.

Next, we will begin an intermediate lesson on JavaScript, including arrays, array prototypes, looping over arrays, objects, dates and times, intervals, countdown applications, callbacks, and callbacks in countdown.

We will then learn how to work with JavaScript elements, such as methods on using DOM elements, querySelectors, event handlers, input fields, creating elements, and styling elements.

To conclude, we will provide you with some bonus tips on linting and minification so you can become the best and most efficient coder you can be.

Course Details

4h 23m 48s


Alex Garrett
I'm a PHP developer, with years of Laravel experience. I'm the founder of Codecourse, where I teach people to code with screencasts. I love breaking complicated topics down so they make sense, and can help with general advice or specific questions related to PHP, Laravel, Slim 3, Silex, Vue.js (or Vuex), HTML and CSS.
Alex GarrettFounder of Codecourse & Curriculum Developer

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