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Microsoft Excel 2016 Data Analysis

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Course Syllabus(58 Lessons)

Microsoft Excel 2016 Data Analysis - Module 01 - Functions and Formulas
Microsoft Excel 2016 Data Analysis - Module 02 - Lookups and Data Tables
Microsoft Excel 2016 Data Analysis - Module 03 - PivotTables
Microsoft Excel 2016 Data Analysis - Module 04 - Analytical Tools

Course Description

We will begin this course with an introduction to functions and formulas, including logical and conditional functions, financial and statistical functions, and date/time and arrays.

Then we’ll move onto lookups and data tables, during which we will also discussing validating cells, filtering, charting, and graphics.

Next you will learn about PivotTables, including how to work, modify, format, and use them, as well as exporting, importing, and modifying data. We will also cover the PowerPivot.

Lastly, we will cover analytical tools, including goal seek, scenarios, solver, and instant data analysis.

Course Details

3h 58m 14s


Sondra Nelson
I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer and have been teaching Microsoft Office for over 15 years. I have both teaching and consulting experience with high school students, college students and corporate employees.
Sondra NelsonSoftware Program Engineer & Instructor

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