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RESTful Services: Data, JAX-RS and Jersey

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Course Syllabus(42 Lessons)

RESTful Services: Data, JAX-RS and Jersey - Module 01 - Install, JAX-RS, and Jersey
Topic C: Background - Part 1
3 lessons11m 02s
Topic D: JaxRS - Part 1
3 lessons11m 34s
Topic E: Jersey - Part 1
4 lessons5m 58s
RESTful Services: Data, JAX-RS and Jersey - Module 02 - Developing an Application
RESTful Services: Data, JAX-RS and Jersey - Module 03 - The Server

Course Description

We will introduce this course with an overview of JAX-RS and Jersey, and how to install them. This will include dependency and deployment installations.

Next, we will talk about how to develop an application, including the creating, running, and deploying to heroku stages.

Lastly, we will discuss the server, including how to create it, code it, run it, and the client side of it.

Course Details

3h 07m 11s


Jordan Hudgens
I have certifications for Ruby on Rails, Thinkful; Ruby on Rails, Bloc.io; Front End Development, Thinkful; and AngularJS, Thinkful. I’m currently vice president of engineering for TRACKR in Midland, Texas and am working on my Ph.D. in computer science from Texas Tech. In addition to Ruby, I work with PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Postgres, CSS3, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, and Python. I also work with the frameworks Rails (Ruby), Zend (PHP), and Django (Python), plus the libraries AngularJS, jQuery, and Backbone.js.
Jordan HudgensInstructor and Curriculum Developer

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