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RESTful Services: Fundamentals

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Course Syllabus(39 Lessons)

RESTful Services: Fundamentals - Module 01 - Overview and Paths
Topic A: Overview - Part 1
3 lessons18m 51s
Topic B: Overview Continued - Part 1
3 lessons18m 54s
Topic C: Introduction to JAX-RS - Part 1
3 lessons27m 05s
Topic D: Path Matching - Part 1
3 lessons23m 41s
RESTful Services: Fundamentals - Module 02 - Injection and Sub Resources
RESTful Services: Fundamentals - Module 03 - Response, Form and Exceptions

Course Description

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of RESTful, an internet protocol known as the representational state transfer. We will begin with an overview of the architectural style and then move onto an introduction to JAX-RS, path matching, and paths and annotations.

We will then move onto injection and sub resources, including life cycle, injection, and sub resources.

We will conclude with response, form, and exceptions, with discussions on response builder and form submissions.

Course Details

4h 13m 44s


John Kidd
I am a nationally recognized instructor and consultant who likes to travel the country sharing my expertise in java enterprise, SCRUM, and big data and related technologies. I have over 20 years of teaching and project development experience including roles from developer to vice president of research and development.
John KiddSoftware Engineer & Instructor

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