Rapidly Create Mobile App Prototypes with Adobe XD

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Before spending your time and effort to code a mobile app, it's a good idea to create a prototype. You might even be required to create one by a client or boss. That's a good thing, because a prototype serves as a blueprint, so you can see in advance what you're creating. Not only does Adobe XD makes this process fast and visual, you don't have to do any coding. It's better than making static screen mock-ups in other programs like Illustrator and Photoshop because you can create simple interactions and links, view the results on your mobile device, and easily share the results with other people. You can see what you're getting before you start the actual development.

If you are involved in any way with designing or developing apps or websites, this course is for you.

This version of Adobe XD runs only on the Macintosh. Adobe has said they will release a Windows version towards the end of 2016.

Contents and Overview
This is a project-based course: we go through all the steps of creating a prototype from start to finish, using all the tools and features currently available in Adobe XD. There are 20 lessons and you can complete the course in less than a day. All project files and fonts are included.

Here is what you will learn

  • What all the parts are of the user interface and what they do
  • How to start a new project
  • Drawing and filling shapes and several methods of aligning them
  • Two ways of masking images
  • How to create a button shape
  • Adding and editing text
  • Creating new pages
  • Duplicating existing pages
  • Drawing and editing custom shapes
  • Quickly creating repeating items, like a list of products to order
  • Using built-in UI screens for Apple, Google and Windows devices
  • Using a workaround to paste objects in an exact X and Y place
  • Using Prototype mode to link objects and pages
  • Testing your prototype in XD
  • Testing your prototype on your own mobile device
  • Sharing your prototype with other people

About the Author

Bob Flisser has authored many videos and books about Microsoft, Adobe and Apple products, and has been a computer trainer since the 1980s. He is also a web and multimedia developer. Bob is a graduate of The George Washington University.
Posted: 09 September, 2016
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