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Tutorial Description

About The Course
This course explains how to create automated test cases using the free ZAPTEST test automation tool. Any GUI application, whether its a Website, iOS, Android or a Windows app, needs testing. In this course, we will introduce an entirely new method of test automation: The 1SCRIPT. You write one script that will be adoptable to any platform and any environment. If you are a beginner or even an expert tester, this course is for you.

Course Length: : 1 Hour and 18 Minutes

Number of Lessons: 10

What You Will Learn
  1. How to write automated test cases
  2. How to control your mobile device from the computer
  3. How to run test cases against your application on any platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Unix)

Course Lessons
  1. Getting Started (4:38 mins)
  2. Building Your First Script (8:19 mins)
  3. Using Mockups (3:58 mins)
  4. Lists and Tables (8:58 mins)
  5. Image and Area Objects (9:04 mins)
  6. Configuring Mobile Devices (6:05 mins)
  7. iPhone and Android (13:04 mins)
  8. iPads and Android Tablets (9:44 mins)
  9. DOC Tutorial (2:50 mins)
  10. M-RUN Tutorial (15:09 mins)

Why Take This Course?
Manual testing can take time and conventional test automation is getting obsolete. If you have never done test automation before, this course will teach you the basics. But If you are familiar with test automation, take this course to stay up-to-date with the newest methods and techniques of test automation.

Tutorial Details

1h 21m 49s


Sergio ZAP
Sergio ZAP

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