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GreyCampus provides an online self-learning course in MS Excel Data Analyst, which is one of the most widely used applications of today. The use of MS Excel ranges from maintaining the simplest of household budgets to building high-level financial models and designing complex dashboards. The data analysis features that MS Excel comes with help one solve the problems of real-world business. This gives us an idea of how important it is to know the in and out of MS Excel to make work simple.

This course is for self-motivated people who’d prefer self-learning to traditional classroom methods. This training is assured to benefit all the participants irrespective of the industry they work in, may it be Finance, MIS, Human Relations, IT, etc.

This course focuses on analyzing specific business situations and then demonstrates how to create situation-specific spreadsheets.

This course is ideal for end users looking for gaining a thorough knowledge of how MS Excel 2013 is used at an advanced level or for the ones seeking to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist Certification in Microsoft Excel 2013.

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Posted: 06 March, 2017
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