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Why aren't EE solutions on the first page of Google results?

I just posted on another discussion saying that although I like to answer questions on EE, I usually don't use it to solve my own problems.

So... Why's that?

Well, Google is usually my first choice and from the first results page I usually get a good enough set of information to put me on track for my solution. The thing is, EE is 99% of the times not there.

I still remember some years ago people saying how "boring" was to see that EE had a result but you had to pay to see it, but in fact, at least it was there in the first page of Google, now not anymore.

I believe that Stackoverflow greatly contributed to this but I know for a fact that the quality of the answers on EE are in general much better than on SO.

So, is it just me that feel this?
Is EE doing something about SEO?
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COBOLdinosaur2014-11-21 01:19 PMID: 135256
Part of Stack's advantage is a number of former(and still loosely associated) employees of Google, plus a persistent rumor that part of the angel investment money financing Stack has origins close to high ranking Google managers..  At some point Stack will be part of the Google stable so it can be more effectively monetized.

That said there is still an opportunity for EE to gain page one but probably not consistently number one overall ahead of stack.  The most recent part of the Google "adjustments" is to ncrease the weighting of user engagement as determined by how long it takes a user to return to the SERPs after clicking a link.  This imposes an indirect penalty on EE because even though the user does not hit a pay wall on the initial link they are still faced with limits after seeing that thread and they are less inclined to explore.

If Google is intent on keeping Stack on top they do not have to cheat.  They make the rules so they can change any weighting factor anytime they want to make sure Stack stays ahead of EE and every other Q&A such as daniweb which got hammered almost as hard and fell almost as far down the rankings..

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Netminder2014-11-21 11:52 PMID: 135295

In some ways, daniweb got hurt even more than EE did. The site doesn't sell subscriptions, so it survives by keeping costs low, selling ads and occasionally doing the Wikipedia dance of asking for donations... and Google penalized it even more severely than it penalized EE. The owner considers her site a community (and I wouldn't argue that), but the downside to the way she operates it is that the quality content, in terms of being able to say "I found the content I was looking for easily", is kind of buried. The conversation and discussion is what matters to her.

Unfortunately, a company built on finding specifics -- such as a Giant Overwhelmingly Overbearing Glorified Lookup Engine -- has a difficult time automating that, so its solution was, in essence, to say daniweb didn't exist.

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Bernard Savonet2014-11-22 02:30 AMID: 135300
Interesting exchange. Another proof, although not really needed, of the wrongdoings Google can generate. How can this quasi-monopoly can be regulated?
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2014-11-22 06:17 AMID: 135314
Side issue, but a recent development that's quite interesting:


I wonder how long it will be before sites like UA and SO have to eat a little bit of crow as well.

All are starting to learn the lesson that EE learned long ago; someone has to pay the bills and ad revenue alone won't cut it.

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COBOLdinosaur2014-11-22 12:56 PMID: 135336
I'm not sure Google will make much off of it.  Anyone using an blocker like ABP is seeing very few ads anyway, so unless Google has some way to disable ad blocking I think that any market for the new service is already taken care of with free plugins.

I think is is aimed more at screwing site out of revenue by giving a fraction of normal ad payments when they buy into the Google game.

and they may actually be looking to force some sites out of business because they don't bow before the G and pray in the with the word: "Google is great; all power to the divine Google bishops; in Google we trust as we shall put no God before our mother Google as the universe is consumed to nourish her." (amen is optional).

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Walter Padrón2014-11-24 12:37 PMID: 135645
First i like EE and use it whenever i can and answer questions because i can't afford to pay for solutions.

Said that,  i don't think this a technical or commercial issue, like a better SEO optimized website or new web design or ad reveneu or Google search  algorithms, this is about free information, and in SO you have solutions for free w/o even registration and to be fair i saw a lot of wrong anwsers on SO but also found a very helpful ones. So for the not so very complex issues SO is the place to go first, then you logon on EE go Pro and find your answers.

Personally i don't care if SO stack higher on Google ranks than EE
Best regards