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Search Results need some love

I dont like how it is presented right now... hiding time info from detailed view is annoying me... also not adjusting the column widths makes results table looks weird...

UI really needs some love here... See attached images to see what I mean...
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Nick672014-11-21 09:18 AMID: 135218
Give @HainKurt a 'hell, yeah!'

Pre-v10 search results provided Answerers with a wealth of information about the Q's.
v10 changed all that -- I have some indication it was on purpose -- but from the chair I sit in, not for the better.

The old list view of Q's had an icon that showed who/what the last post was: Author/Expert/Admin/Neglected, Abandoned and the time of the post.  It also showed the EE name of the last poster, and the time of the post and the number of posts.  For an Answerer, this was incredibly helpful information.

You could see if acquaintances were the last poster to a Q.  Depending upon the Q and the acquaintance and the time since the last post, an Answerer could make a judgment about perusing a Q because you may have something to contribute, something to learn, something to correct, or perhaps something to reiterate in order to move the Q forward.  Or you could make a judgment not to peruse the Q, and look for a different way to spend your time.

Seeing if the Author was the last poster and the time since the last post could give you an indication of how attentive other Experts and/or the Author were being, or were perhaps stumped and a contribution needed to be made.  Depending on the number of posts, you could make a snap judgment about whether or not perusing a Q would be a good use of time.  And depending upon the Author, whether or not 'to go down that rathole' as it were.  (Just as some Answerers have a reputation as Point-Berserkers with little interest in anything beyond receiving points, there are also Question-Blitzers who post reams of almost pointless easy questions that display a lack of interest in anything but a quick answer.)  Everyone has their own motivations--but seeing the Author's EE name was a helpful guide to deciding if a Q was worth wrapping your head around.

Seeing if Admin etc. was the last poster was a good indication of a question with difficulties.  Either the question was poorly word, or the help required was difficult.  For the Point-Berserker, it was a clear indication to steer clear, for Answerer looking for a challenge, a clear field, or to be diligent in the service of the community, it was a clear indication to have a look.

I miss that information -- and given the search results page unfortunate tendency to be expired WHICH IS IMMENSELY IRRITATING, I rarely browse search results any more.  It's frustrating.  The whiteness of the screen doesn't help.  I used to 'play'  EE like my wife plays Candy Crush. No more, it is not enjoyable.

I have had indications that this information was removed on purpose.  It now forces Experts to click links and open Q's to determine what is going on.  Those inter-site clicks make Google happy.  And an Expert that opens a Q is more likely to post to it, having invested time into it by opening it.  And by hiding information that would make an Experts pass on perusing a Q, a given Q may get more looks than it would otherwise.  All that may be true -- but it makes for a less-enjoyable experience, and as a result, less content created by me, and less engagement with the site.

Perhaps these issues should be revisited?
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HainKurt2014-11-21 09:30 AMID: 135225
Thanks Nick,

I suggested all those years ago and then quit EE since nothing was fixed and everything made my life worse here with some big UI changes...

what I want on that list is more info on details list...

1. When (including time) is it posted?
2. How many posts are here?
3. Did I post anything here?
4. Is last comment belongs to op?
5. is there any comment after my last post?
6. is there any comment after my last post by OP?
7. Topic description can be replaced by icon with a tooltip to accommodate question title
8. Who is the op?

Don't say these are too much, one small icon with different colors & shape (a legend on right) can give all (or most) info...
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HainKurt2014-11-21 09:34 AMID: 135227
and why we cannot edit our posts here? we can edit our posts in some other areas, but not here...

I don't like inconsistencies and different behaviors on similar pages... pages should be intuitive and simple to follow, no extra clutter that pollutes pages and useless...
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Nick672014-11-21 09:50 AMID: 135233
There is always a bell curve
I too have lobbied unsuccessfully for the Search UI to again present the information it did prior to February 2012.
What we had then worked much better for Experts with the same predilections as you and I.
I also think it worked much better from the perspective of what I think is the overriding goal, as I've stated elsewhere:
The overriding goal is (or should be) to provide the best experience possible to the EE community, to keep them engaged in using the site and contributing (while successfully keeping the lights on and servers running).

The decision that the present information-sparse search results are better than what I -- and you -- would prefer was taken.
Perhaps it can be revisited.