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Hire an expert - search recommendations

Hey all,

So, I was thinking about "Hire an expert" section of the site. (Thanks by the way! Love it!)

And I noticed it was sorted by Total Points.... okay that makes sense.

Then I tried to filter my search. I picked an EE certification and clicked Refine Search.

Okay, less results now. Still sorted by Total Points. Hmmm? And there lies the problem.

To use myself as an example, I can say that I am outranked right now with 900,000 in Exchange Server versus someone who just got there Master badge. Why? Because they have more overall points than me.

So the problem becomes. If someone is looking to hire a resource in a specific area how will they find them?

Can we sort the filter by area points versus total?

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Netminder2014-11-24 12:16 AMID: 135517
Better to put it in either Suggestions, or better still, the Project related to the rebrand of the site, since the Videos were part of that: https://secure.experts-exchange.com/PR_1063.html

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Netminder2014-11-24 12:18 AMID: 135519
Ooops... wrong thread, and no edit button.


Use the Project; you've found a flaw (if not a bug).

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James Elliott2014-11-24 01:56 AMID: 135522
Instead of hire an expert we could have 'find a customer'; so that contract tasks are posted and experts bid & apply based on their rate/availability/experience.
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Gareth Gudger2014-11-24 10:53 AMID: 135624

Will do. Thanks mate!
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Many have Hired Us!

When the Hire Me was present, and then when it was removed, and now when it's back!

Update your Profile, and Create a Link to LinkedIn!

Your Company Website, email address etc

More have come through

EE Profile > LInkedIn

EE Profile > Website

EE Profile > Email direct

then ever through the Hire Me Button!


PS I think Hire Me, sounds like hiring a "Tool" from 24x7xHire-Tools-Are-Us
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First Impressions Count!

Gareth, Build a Company website!!!!!

Cyrus' WWW is not rocket science, because we are not Web Devs!