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Exchange Server Auditing

I am currently looking to get a decent auditing tool in place for Microsoft Exchange and thought that we can discuss and suggest some good tools that you have used.

The tools can be PAID or FREE.

Looking forward to any suggestions.
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imkottees2014-11-24 06:28 PMID: 135701
This is one of the best tools I have used.
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Hendrik Wiese2014-11-24 09:44 PMID: 135715
Thank you imkottees, I have also read some reviews about Manage Engine and they do stand out from the rest. Do you know of any free tools that can do more or less the same thing?
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Adam Brown2019-03-18 08:58 AMID: 2461017
There are a number of freeware/shareware type solutions for doing Exchange auditing, but they are usually severely crippled versions of a paid solution that don't do much other than store the admin audit logs. Exchange Reporter from ManageEngine is pretty good, based on my experience, and is easy to use as well.