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Feedback on Updated News Feed Design

Hi everyone,

In yesterday's release, we made a major adjustment to the design of the News Feed shown on your Expert's Exchange home page. We also: added the ability to share recommendations via social media, direct links, emails, or user messages; consolidated the News Feeds to one list; added new filtering options; and adjusted on click actions to open new tabs so you don't lose your position when browsing.

We did not make any changes to how content is chosen for you (right now, it is primarily based off of your saved and most visited topics, and activity from members you are following), or when content appears (it's 90% new submissions which is why most of you will see lots of questions and solutions).

Is there information you would like to see that we aren't showing you now?
Is there information that you don't need?
Does the organization of the information make sense?
Are there action items missing on entries that you would like to have?
Does anything feel too heavy or slow?

Please review the changes and let us know what you think!

Thanks in advance,

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HainKurt2014-11-26 06:34 PMID: 136081
Looks nice :)

it can be more compact...

I could not understand what "suggested members" is... why I am not there :)
Is there any list of those? or is it just random? whats the logic behind?

all the icons (especially the links, like member icons/avatar), should have a tooltip that gives some idea before clicking it (like "HainKurt - Member since 01/01/1001")...
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Gareth Gudger2014-11-29 03:54 PMID: 136349
I think the "Experts Exchange Updates" should be the feed from your blog. Its showing as empty for me right now.

I'd like to see a way to set the default filter as well. So I don't have to select it every time I come back tot he site. I think the most value for me for the News Feed would be to keep it set to "Experts Exchange Updates".
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Gary2014-11-30 08:46 PMID: 136468
Should Lounge questions be really showing on the News Feed, I very rarely visit it but I am seeing lots of questions from the Lounge in the news feed

Author Comment

Sina May2015-02-17 11:31 AMID: 145322
Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been so long since I've chimed in on here. Out of the feedback given, I gathered these main points:

Entries need to be more compact
Experts Exchange should utilize the Experts Exchange Updates filter to highlight blog postings (and contests!)
The recommendations made by the feed don't apply to your interests
Consider a filter preference

In some other threads, I've noted that:

It's difficult to identify new entries
Following a member is not understood (this relates to the feed as updates from members you follow are shown here)

I did want to give feedback on the suggested member entries. Right now these suggestions are based off of an algorithm that looks at how often you interact with another member. They are not necessarily experts, but could be members who post in the same content as you, whose questions you answer, who have accepted your solutions, etc. This algorithm will be reviewed along with the one that suggests the content over the course of the next year.


Do you have the Lounge as a followed topic (formerly saved topic)?

If anyone has any additional feedback, please let me know!
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Gareth Gudger2015-02-17 11:41 AMID: 145323
Personally I never use the News Feed.

The only thing I would find interesting would be the Experts Exchange Updates. It would be nice if we could pick a topic from the drop down as our default. For example, I would make the Experts Exchange Updates my default. So I could see it every time when I log in. With the blog entries there it would eliminate my need to go to the E-E blog site at all. And contests, webinars and other news would be good also.
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Nick672015-02-19 04:43 PMID: 145685
@Sina May

I am rarely ever on this page, as I am generally arriving from email links.
Still, there is very little on this page.
On a 1680 x 1080 screen there are exactly 10 lines of content that are 'news', that is to say, something new I may never have seen before.
Then the scrolling begins--and never ends.  Which seems to be all the rage.
Time.com and many of the pages off MSN are doing that, too.
I suspect it does wonders for the 'time on site' metric.

Do you use such pages yourself?
How do they make you feel?
Personally, and this is just me personally although I think I am near-zero sigma on this, they piss me off.
Only being tricked into clickbait slideshows and slow-ads-then-slow-video sites piss me off worse.
Show me relevant content and don't break UI web conventions about how to navigate it.
Endless scroll instead of discrete pageloads was NOT thought up by end-users.

•Is there information that you don't need?
I am afraid the question is, is there anything on this page that you need.
The short answer is no.
I know there is some thought that follow-and-be-followed is important--but has anybody thought that through?
Why would I follow someone?
If they are a prolific Asker in the TA's I lurk in, they'll have little to teach me, and their questions will come through to me via Saved Search notifications.  If they are a Top Expert in a TA I lurk in, then many of the questions they're involved in will be prosaic.  If they are a Top Expert in a TA where I am asking questions, I am unlikely to want a real-time view of the solution to other people's problems
So what good is following?
The whole thing strikes me as lame, and not understanding how this community functions
And how the heck does an algorithm come up with a suggestion of someone who would be good for me to follow?

•Is there information you would like to see that we aren't showing you now?
You've rolled out Discussions.
I've discussed elsewhere that the landing page UI is a half-baked mess.
I have no way to see which discussions are active, if new one have been added, or any sorting mechanism
Compact presentation of new or active discussions might be good.
Get some CONTENT on the page, not whitespace.

•Does the organization of the information make sense?
There is organization?
There's the sidebar, which presents elements that can be seen on different pages
Then there's an endless scroll of large elements of Q's, Members, Topics and Discussions
If there is any organization I do not perceive it.

•Are there action items missing on entries that you would like to have?
Honestly, there's nothing presented here that I find actionable

•Does anything feel too heavy or slow?
It's an endless scroll.
It's one of the more responsive ones I've seen -- but then it is very content-light, so I don't know if the developers have done an excellent job, or because so little needs to come down the pike that it is fast.

It's just a complete miss on content, and the page is not dense, so it is not at all useful.
My newsfeed emails are the same complete miss on content.

Sorry, but I don't think you'd want anything but my honest appraisal, so here it is.