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Welcome to Web Development Classroom

Glad you decided to join us. This thread is a high level overview of what you will find in the group threads and some initial pointers to get you started on your way to being a top-Expert.

Please remember that the top-Experts here are not receiving points or anything else and they don't have to offer you the benefit of their experience.  They deserve and expect respect even when they criticize you.  Criticism is part of mentoring and if you are not told what flaws are holding you back, you will continue to make  the same mistakes.

Posting a correct answer to a question does not always result in it being accepted by the OP.  There are other factors that play a part in how the OP assesses the offered solutions.  Most successful Experts do well because they have an approach, public image, presentation, and followup method that consistently gives the OP a level of comfort and confidence. Reputation plays a part in success, and building a good reputation is a key part of becoming a top-Expert.

There are some common traits among top-Experts:
[li]They stay in charge and lead the OP to a solution (sometimes in many steps).[/li]
[li]They collaborate with other Experts; deferring and supporting other Expert's solutions.[/li]
[li]They don't bluff or lie to the OP.  If the answer is "you can't do that" then that is what they post.[/li]
[li]They don't post lazy junk links from a quick search on Google.  They do real research.[/li]
[li]They followup at a reasonable level even when points are no longer at issue.[/li]

You will also notice that many top Experts actually have some information in their profile.  Only a small percentage of EE members look a profiles, most top-Experts look at them and knowledgeable subscribers will look to get a feel for how much they should trust the Expert proposing a solution.

 Whenever you need help or information just start a thread to begin a discussion that should help you and other new Experts trying to move up the ladder on EE.