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Following an Expert being followed what is this about.

I have followers and am following some of the best experts but I never understood how it works and what it's for.

Can anyone enlighten me.
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I wonder what kind of responses we'd get in the lounge   XD

Seriously, though, I've wondered the exact intent myself.
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Merete2014-12-08 03:58 AMID: 137294
Great!!  lets see if we can find some answers.
Personally I never saw any advantage,
I expected to have some form of link showing me their activity so I could stay with them so to speak .
Love your hat kaufmed
Am in the process of making my own avatar since I cannot get those old EE icons.
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Rich Weissler2014-12-08 04:54 AMID: 137300
I think when it was first implemented, you'd get notifications about the activities of people you were following.  I could just barely not keep up with the notifications I was already receiving, so stopped following anyone.

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Sina May2014-12-08 07:07 AMID: 137304
Hi everyone!

Hopefully I can help clear up the mystery.

The primary purpose of following a member is to allow you to see their recent activity in your Recommended News Feed on the Home page. You will get updates when members you follow:

Ask a new question
Receive an accepted or assisted solution on a question
Author an article that is Accepted, Approved or Awarded
Author a Video Micro Tutorial that is Accepted, Approved or Awarded

You can adjust your News Feed to show only updates from members you've followed by using the filter for "Network Activity".

network activity filter
This is a great way to see what your favorite experts have recently contributed to the site, or to answer questions from members you work with regularly.

Alternately, following a member gives you a quick link to their profile from your Network, so that you can see all of their details and recent activity in one place.

We also use the members in your network to help us find Groups for you to join.

You will not receive any emails or on-site notifications regarding members you are following.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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John2014-12-08 07:36 AMID: 137305
I think when it was first implemented, you'd get notifications about the activities of people you were following

I am following one fairly active person but I do not get notifications (the Bell icon) about this person's activities.

I will have to look at the news feed to see if it is working for me or if I need adjust.
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Merete2014-12-08 05:34 PMID: 137356
Yes I remember what Razmus and John are saying and had the same problems with too many emails but have never seen any with followers or being followed and now understand there will be no email notifications ?
I have one favourite member and the only way to keep up with their activities was through their recent activity in their profile .
So as I understand it the only way to visit my favourite experts I'm following is through my profile click on the members name I'm following then I can see their names and the network on the right?
Here I can choose followers or following refine search? Much the same as what I was doing but instead now I can use the network.
I got it then.
Thanks Sina May
Network in my profile