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How do you feel about Javascript?

Javascript has lovers and deep hell like haters.

Personally I started using it I think as everyone else... a lot of years ago in a messy and uncontrolled way.
I'm not proud of it at all but I had no clue of what was going on. I knew I had this language that let me interact with the DOM so I just had to throw some script blocks into my webpage and it was it.
Later jQuery appeared and somehow I started seeing Javascript as a more serious language. Probably because I was also starting to do some more serious stuff with it.
With these serious stuff the amount of javascript started to pile up and first performance issues arrived which made me start studying the language and more importantly, deeply understanding the environment where it was being executed.
Right now I just love it. It's still a pretty messed up language, with a log of not so logic (at first or even second glance) but once you master it, it becomes a very pleasant environment to work with.

So this is my experience with Javascript and I would like to start this group gathering information about how do you feel about Javascript.
Either you're a developer, a designer or even project manager, how does your gut react when the word Javascript comes up? :)
What do you love about it? What do you absolutely hate about it?
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COBOLdinosaur2014-12-10 02:36 PMID: 137769
I have a library with more scripts than I can count.  However most of them are gathering dust.  15 years ago I could not write anything of value as a web page without some scripting.  Today with advances in server side OO scripting,, and CSS I rarely need more than a couple of lines, and do not find more that 1 in 1000 pages that need enough to justify loading in a bloated jquery library.  With the changes that looklike they wi make it into CSS4 I doubt there will be much use for scripting except where <canvas> is being used.

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Alexandre Simões2014-12-10 11:45 PMID: 137817
It's true and it's also kind of a choice... for some a religious one :)

Probably that topic itself is enough to start a new thread regarding Serve-Side vs Client-Side code for DOM "management".