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Experts Exchange iOS App?

Hi all

First post here since being invited so sorry if this has been asked already.

Is anyone working on an iOS app for Experts Exchange? Whilst accessing the site via the web works (not very well IMHO) an app would be so much better.

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Dany Balian2014-12-12 03:00 AMID: 137930
i believe providing an api to ee data would also be a good alternative! that way, it would be possible for anyone with an appropriate key to develop applications on top of the api.
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Last I heard, there's an API on the roadmap. I can't remember if they said there'd be apps, or if they'd defer to the community once the API was developed.

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Brad Rubin2014-12-12 10:17 AMID: 137989
Please join us for our CEO's State of Experts Exchange webinar in February of next year to discuss our roadmap. More information for the webinar will be available soon.

We will address Mobile applications and API in that discussion.