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Notification when someone answers the question I'm working on

I don't know if this happens to many people, but often I find a nice juicy untouched question that I want to answer, I open up some development window, work on it a bit and find an answer -- only to find that someone else (usually Ray Passeur -- I'm just sayin') has beat me to the punch and posted the answer before me. Sometimes the difference is less than a minute. Sometimes it is much more.

What I'd like is something similar to the notification bell. If I am on a question page and someone posts an answer, I want some sort of notification, even if I haven't yet posted an answer.  That way, I can see what they posted and if it is substantively the same as what I have, I can stop and go to another question.
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Gary2014-12-15 03:21 PMID: 138337
If I hit refresh, it erases all my typing

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HainKurt2014-12-15 03:32 PMID: 138339
one simple ajax code is what op wants :)


or something like it... and put a timer on it, like 30 sec... so, when page is open, it calls that every 30 sec, and magically shows a red icon! saying, someone beat you :)
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^^^ (to Gary's comment)

Exactly what I do. In the worst case, you lose a couple of file uploads.
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Nick672014-12-15 04:08 PMID: 138342
From the second link, I see you know Rey.
Here's the thing:  I like to post good, complete answers.
Rey is a minimalist.

It is annoying/aggravating/upsetting/disheartening/demotivating/maddening to discover that in the time it took to compose a reasoned response that the minimalist answer has already be chosen -- rightly or wrongly -- as the answer.
The order of magnitude goes up with the amount of effort put it -- like building a working sample.

Now, you can put in a little junk post 'Fun! that's a neat problem.  Give me a bit'
You then get email notifications.
It's one of the few uses I have for my phone
It goes 'de donk dedonk' when an email comes in.
I can then check if I am wasting my time..

And of course
Way down in the Grey at the bottom of the page is the Monitor button, so you wouldn't need the junk post.

I suppose I could work up the code for Outlook that would play a 'Waah, Waah, Waah' sound when an email with 'Answer Accepted' in the subject was received.

And the bell icon is actually pretty quick to notify, almost as fast as the emails
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Merete2014-12-15 05:20 PMID: 138352
Yes I get that as well, I take my time and provide many details and when I post there can be several responses.
 I don't think it's cause we are slow mankowitz, rather we have experts from all over the world and different time zones.
Since the question your participating in is open and the comments box we are typing into has yet not been finalized with EE's engine there is no refresh new stats, however I have noticed a quicker response for activity is the notifications bell. It will show new comments before I get an email.
I'm in Australia.
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skullnobrains2014-12-29 10:21 AMID: 139702
wouldn't it be more convenient to ajax-refresh the thread adding new posts without loosing the typing window ?