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Should top experts stop answering questions?

There is a thread in here "Not fair points" - a thesis to which I do not subscribe at all.

For people like myself who are self employed as consultants and who are expected by clients to find answers to any question they happen to ask, answering questions in here comes naturally.

Now in the "Not fair points" thread, the case was made that it was difficult to win 3,000 points a month. Some members (myself included) can average 3,000 points a day over the course of a year, So the complaint about not being able to earn points rings hollow if viewed from this perspective.

On the other hand, if I were not to look at the current questions, and not answer any (or vastly fewer), then I earn fewer points. Does that automatically make room for budding experts?

That is:  Is E-E better off overall if I continue to answer, or if I stop answering.

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_2015-02-15 05:17 PMID: 145074
Masterpiece Mystery Rulz !!    ; )
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John2015-02-15 05:22 PMID: 145076
We watch Mystery as well and have done so for decades (and more decades). Yes, we are members of PBS.
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serialband2015-02-19 10:44 AMID: 145649
"Reality" TV is absolutely drivel and loved by the TV producers because it's comparatively cheap to produce.  The purposely produce conflict where there was none to attract the rubber necker types that love to see other people's misery.  It's part of the circus.
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Nick672015-02-19 10:54 AMID: 145650
TV is geared to the lowest level of intelligence
"Reality" TV is absolutely drivel

Now, now.
TV is a business and it is geared like every other business to maximize profits for the shareholders over the long run.
Undoubtably, drivel for knuckledraggers can be a profitable line of business.
I'll watch Survivor and Top Chef, sometimes The Amazing Race.
There's now nothing left on TLC to watch.  It used to be The Learning Channel.  Apparently there's nothing left to learn.
There never was anything to watch on E!
The half-hour after the news has been replaced by celebrity drivel-news.
Blame who you will.

Allegedly, at UCLA you can take a course in Reality Show Acting.
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serialband2015-02-19 12:15 PMID: 145655
Is that an official course or is that one of those student run courses for fun and no real credit?  They have a lot of those now in the UC system.

I wouldn't call TV absolutely Drivel.  Half of what I once watched was at least somewhat educational, although, recently, those are disappearing.  Deregulation has caused a loss.

I'm all for occasional escapist entertainment but I absolutely detest the "Reality" stuff.  True reality is quite boring.  You have to edit that out.  They manufacture Lord of the Flies.

TV is a business and it is geared like every other business to maximize profits for the shareholders over the long run.

When you maximize profits for shareholders, it's frequently over the short term.  Long term goals sometimes require short term sacrifices and those do nothing to help short term profits.  Long term goals are frequently penalized over the short term.
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Nick672015-02-19 12:48 PMID: 145660
The malfeasance of the managerial class is well-understood after the Crash of 2008.
They were incentivized to maximize stock price quarterly and paid ridiculous sums to do so.
They took the money and fled the ruins, or smartened up somewhat.

Well-managed business are geared to maximize the profits of the shareholders over the long run.
Businesses not geared that way? They aren't well-managed.