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This group can be used to discuss anything related to C/C++ and may also be used by experts to request help from other experts if they need backup in  particularly difficult questions. This group is not a place to bitch and moan, it's a place to collaborate and exchange ideas. Disagreements are welcome, but please be respectful to your fellow members.
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phoffric2018-04-25 10:57 AMID: 2154323
>> they need backup in  particularly difficult questions

Based upon the current discussion, this C++03 find_if question using predicate on a vector of pointers to struct may qualify.

This is a partial solution for an C++03 array of pointers to struct.

But when using a vector or list, I have compiler errors.

Although the ideone code shows a vector being used, that may likely change to a different container. Using a vector, I think I could use its underlying contiguous array, which is not available in another container.