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Search page updates - Monday April 27th

We are releasing a few updates to the Search page on Monday April 27th. The search page will look very different, so we wanted to prepare you all for the changes.

Screenshot below.

Visible updates
Search query is now visible
Topic/tag filters are now shown and can be dismissed
Search refinement options are now on the left (per common standards)
Ability to find additional topics to filter on (uses an auto complete system)

Non visible updates
No need to click the "refine search" instead, select an option and it updates automatically
Clicking the back button is fixed for normal searches (may still see issues when using advanced or saved searches)
Loading indicator appears while results are retrieved

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_2015-04-24 05:09 PMID: 1729532
I just got used to the current Search,    : /

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Brad Rubin2015-04-28 09:18 AMID: 1730104
Our new search is live and I feel it works really well. It is very intuitive and the UX is much simpler.

@coral47 My hope is that it doesn't take long to adapt to the new layout and user experience...I found it pretty useful and simple to use. Let us know if you have any additional feedback. We are continuing to work on more small updates with Search in the next few weeks. We should be able to release more improvements on May 11th!
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_2015-04-28 09:50 AMID: 1730113
: D       touche'
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Nick672015-04-29 08:09 AMID: 1730339
The UI wasn't really the main problem.  Lousy result sets were.
Now, on this Q I wanted to link to the exhaustive discussion of how to lock down the Ribbon on MS Access

And I knew darn well that these keywords ought to turn that Q up in their result set
'Nick67 ribbon accdr gunter'
On Friday, I had to use that keyword string in Google to get the expected result, because the EE Search wouldn't turn it up.
Today, the EE Search got it right, too.
So ,THAT is a definite improvement!

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Brad Rubin2015-04-29 08:32 AMID: 1730344
I am glad you feel search results are stronger. Our continued efforts with Search will further develop and refine the UX, while providing stronger result sets.

For the community, please keep providing us feedback with ways we can improve Search for everyone.
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Jim Horn2015-05-01 09:07 AMID: 1730759
I am HIGHLY liking the new search page.  Nice job guys..