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Some of you may or may have not noticed, but the site is under going change in a number of areas, most notably at the moment in useability and layout:

1. Search page has been totally redone and the "back" button bug that has been there for years has largely been fixed.

2. The main page/content feed was changed some time ago.

3. The browse of topic areas has been totally re-done.

 In many places, you will see pages going to a three column format with the middle column being the focal point, things you do with that column on the left, and places/things you might want to go to next on the right.

 Much more to come...

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Nick672015-04-30 11:27 AMID: 1730590
I've been dealing with Mobilemaggedon on my end, and been busy get rid of any fixed columns, and fixed widths.
It'll be good if a lot of the damnable whitespace goes away, but we're three+ years into staring at the lightbulb, so I'm not holding my breath.
Search actually turns up stuff that I know it should, so that's an improvement.
Firing up a google window and putting in the same keyword string appended with 'experts exchange' was annoying.
And it's bad when the landing page says 'quit googling for answers' when that is exactly what you had to do.

And if I never see 'webpage has expired' on EE again, it's still years too late for me.