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Header Updates- Monday, May 11th

We are releasing some updates to the header on Monday, May 11th.

The goal of this project is to simplify the submenus, optimize the responsive layout and improve usability.

Changes include:
Removing the mega menus for "Solve", "Learn", "Network" and "Contribute" and replacing them with simplified dropdowns
Removing the slider drawers for the "Message", "Notification", "Workspace", and "Account" icons (in the upper right) and replacing them with simplified dropdowns
Optimizing responsive layout for better usability on smaller/touch devices

workspace expanded
mobile solve
mobile workspace
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Expert Comment

Sina May2015-05-28 08:08 AMID: 1735310
the bread crumb trail still exists while viewing a TA.

Could you please clarify what you mean?

How does one find the announcements/release notes?

You can join the Release Notes group and you'll get a new notification whenever we make an update. Once you join it will be in your "My Groups" tab on the Group Landing page.

We're still establishing the best way to make the entire community aware of it and the Site Support group which replaced the Customer Support topics.

Which TA did I come from?
You do have a point. Will the back button work for you here?
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omgang2015-05-28 08:25 AMID: 1735312
I am mistaken on the bread crumb trail still existing for TA (see screen shot).  The new bread crumb is nothing more than an link to search pages.

TA bread crumb
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omgang2015-05-28 08:33 AMID: 1735313
Yes, the back button does work BUT I always utilized the bread crumb trail to return to the TA because it would load a new page and include any changes, e.g. new Qs or new comments to existing Qs in the TA.  The back button reloads a cached page from my browser, i.e. no new content.

With the recent change I now have to choose the browser back button and then refresh the browser on the TA page.  This is faster than clicking into my Workspace, clicking My Followed Topics and finally clicking the desired TA but both are slower than simply clicking the bread crumb trail that was previously available.

I have been a member for 11 years and so have gone through many of EE's changes.  I've been able to figure out how to change my usage to adapt each time.  I'm sure this time will be no different.  Still, was the bread crumb change requested by the community?  To actually have a bread crumb trail present but not actually work like a bread crumb trail is expected to work seems odd.
OM Gang
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Expert Comment

omgang2015-05-28 08:38 AMID: 1735316
Sorry to beat a dead horse but perhaps I did find an instance where the bread crumb trail still exists and functions as before.

groups bread crumb
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Nick672015-05-28 09:04 AMID: 1735318
>> I want to see less white, more contrast, and much, much denser text.
 Why? Maybe an example wireframe of your thoughts would help communicate your ideas?

Gee, I don't know.
Presently, on a 1680 x 1080 monitor there are 89 words of existing content on my screen
whitespacePersonally, I think its a great idea to turn 11x17 size paper to landscape, put a 5" margin on the left, 2" on the right, use 14 pt font, and have 1.5 lines for line spacing.
After all, we don't want to actually display any content without scrolling, do we.
And black print on white is passé.
Let's do grey-40%

Who'd do this in Word?  Why then is it done on the web?
Word analog
And loading the new notifications dropdown -- a full 5 seconds!
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Nick672015-05-29 08:59 AMID: 1735495
The auto-dismiss seems to have returned.
The initial load time of the dropdown after a page load is still abominable.
If you remain on the page, re-opening is rapid.
The text on the notification has been tightened up, so more than 4 display, and the length has been increased so that 10 display with scrolling.
This is an improvement over the original May 11 rollout.  Thank you!
Messages and Workspace still have that huge, heavily padded, poorly contrasted text style THAT HAS TO BE DITCHED IN ITS ENTIRETY.
The rollover color style in Workspace is good.  The default should be BLACK or a very dark blue.
Profile has an entirely different scheme.  Titles with a nicely contrasted Font color.  Details in the objectionable grey.
Dark text on noticeably off-white backgrounds, please.
The grey and most especially the white HAVE TO GO!