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For a better way to ask a question

Today, after several years answering questions, I'm feeling frustrated.  You know that question that you read and say "Yay, I can help!" just to discover that because lack of information, your answer is not what the OP wants? Yes, that is the most frustrating sensation of all, when you like to give solution in a place like EE.

So, I think we should use EE database to discover, for each topic, what are the most common missing information and turn the Ask a Question for more smart. Like provide the version of the database, provide sample data, etc... Even if we somehow had something like XYX Fiddle tools or that we require OP to use them, would be nice.
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Jim Horn2015-05-09 07:05 AMID: 1732089
Building on Scott's comments above, lots of times questions require an expert to ellicit asker requirements so they can ask an actionable quesiton.  What happens a lot is when the ultimate question is accepted, the 'help ellicit asker requirements' expert comments does not receive split points, as the asker thinks they should award only for the correct answer, and not also for the 'help ellicit asker requirements' comments that  made that possible.

Reasons for this (not a definitive list, just for fun, and I'm sure we've talked about these before)
Asker has a larger problem, and the question is only on the most immediate pain point, and asker doesn't understand that some problems should really be broken down into multiple EE questions.
Askers make a half-ass attempt to ask their question, usually something like 'My question is ten words or less, write me a book.'
Asker is not a native English speaker, and used some kind of translator to ask their question which did not completely translate to English, or at least the version of English that experts understand.
There is a large education component between the asker and an actionable answer.  Many times that can be overcome, sometimes not, and sometimes experts aren't interested in attempting it.
Asker's mindset is along the lines of 'Just give me the answer you overpaid code monkeys' (and related subtopic 'read my mind')

Training the asker for all of these points?  Nice thought, but that's a very delicate effort that can easily blow up on askers.

>that are related such as "sql server 2008" would suggest "MS SQL Server"
imo if we're going to not have 'breakout' zones as Netminder stated with the dozen flavors of Access, then there's really no purpose for the SQL Server 2005 or 2008 zones to be active anymore, especially since most places are on 2012, 2014 has been out for a year, and 2016 is now in beta.

> I credit the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Eric you must tell me what this is so I can use this line in casual conversation.
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Scott Fell2015-05-09 09:16 AMID: 1732095
>Askers make a half-ass attempt to ask their question, usually something like 'My question is ten words or less, write me a book.'

Do you mean like this? http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Internet_Email/Web_Browsers/Q_28659013.html and while at it, let's berate the folks trying to help out.
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>>Eric you must tell me what this is so I can use this line in casual conversation.

Well, place a colander on your head and let me show you...

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Enabbar Ocap2015-05-09 01:28 PMID: 1732127
What a ravioliationary idea. I like it.
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Netminder2015-05-09 06:36 PMID: 1732151
Lazy swill guzzler that slightwv is...

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>>Lazy swill guzzler that slightwv is...

Odd, first link in my link...

Besides, everyone knows Wikipedia is the only true source for all truths...  it is the second link...

I may guzzle "cheap swill" at times (only when N buys) but NEVER "lazy swill"!!!