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why my total points are reduced by 2000 points on 5/21/15?

On 5/21/15 about 10 am, my total points were 2,110.xxx but in the evening it was reduced to 2,108,xxx.

Question: Is this 2000 reduction because there is a problem with EE website calculation or it has some other explanation?

it seemed such downward changes happening often but this time I documented just to make sure.

Under profile, the points update right away and remains there (7 pm update changes numbers under "Member and Topic Rank" link only).

It seems there is no longer a TA like community Support to post this question. i this is out of place please let me know so I can move it somehwere else. Thanks
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Scott Fell2015-05-23 04:17 PMID: 1734472
Thank you Mike!  Feedback like that is worth so much more than points.
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>>but an accepted (closed) question cannot be deleted. I checked on that as well.

Want to bet?  Any question can be deleted.

It happens all the time.  The common way:  An asker improperly closes a question by accepting the last post.  An Expert clicks 'Request Attention' and the question is deleted.
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John2015-05-23 06:04 PMID: 1734484
I see closed questions changed on me (including deletions) from time to time. Usually it is quick (point yesterday; gone today). Very occasionally it happens over a period end (month or year end) and I have to go look harder.
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2015-05-24 04:38 AMID: 1734523
Don't forget too, articles and video can effect points as they go from published to un-published status, or if additional awarded points are added or taken away (taken away would never happen typically, unless they were ticked on by mistake)

 The point is, points can vary + or - just because of the way the system works.

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Mike Eghtebas2015-05-24 11:14 AMID: 1734543
Scott Fell used his good skill and discovered the reason for reduction. (see his ID: 1734469 comment above).


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Jim Horn2015-05-24 12:13 PMID: 1734551
Union dues.  California has really screwy laws about such things.