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Wrong status in monitored questions

Today I see a bug is status of one question in "My Monitored questions":
My Monitored Questions
You can see status "Author Commented", when really there were comment from other expert:
There were only 2 comments at this time
In the same time I've got a message from EE:
Hello als315,
An Author Comment has been posted to the following question. Please take a moment to read the comment and respond, if needed:
Question: Code to validate no duplication during data entry
Comment from: kfschaefer1
Submitted at: 06.03.2015 06:10PM MSK
Click here to view the question
The Experts Exchange Team
May be Author comment was deleted?
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Expert Comment

David Johnson, CD2015-06-03 11:27 AMID: 1736269
that's what it looks like to me
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Netminder2015-06-03 12:10 PMID: 1736285
Not including the question itself, there are two Expert comments and one comment, originally posted by the Asker, that s/he apparently deleted her/himself.

It's possible that the icon isn't updated immediately, even if the count of the comments is. It's worth reporting the issue here: http://www.experts-exchange.com/discussions/209361/Code-and-Content-Release-May-26-2015.html

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Brian Matis2015-06-05 11:09 AMID: 1736699
Hello, thanks for mentioning this!

As both David and Netminder mentioned, this was definitely due to the author deleting a comment. I've added the question to my monitored list and do not see the Author Commented icon. I'm thinking that Netminder is correct, and there's a bit of a delay.

Can you please take another look at your Monitored questions list and let us know if you're still seeing the icon or if it looks correct to you now, so that we can confirm?


EE Senior Information Architect
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Author Comment

als3152015-06-05 10:11 PMID: 1736754
Status wasn't changed until author comment and close question (at 2015-06-05)