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Predictions and Trends for Information, Computer and Network Security For the coming years

In information security circles, this year has been of what seems like an infinite loop of of cyberthreats , data breaches, that affects retailers, banks...

Looking ahead to whats coming next ?


From a security standpoint, what do you guys think ?
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John2015-06-03 05:09 PMID: 1736339
Paragraph 1: Laptops and tablets are dead. <--- Not before I am dead of old age. People have to work and phones will not suffice any time soon. So computers still need to secured.

Paragraph 2: I do not have a 3-D printer.

Paragraph 3:  Could be. The US government has a huge data collection center in the Utah dessert. They probably can hack into more than we know about.

Paragraph 4:  Agreed. Some form of two-factor authentication and personal ID will somehow prevail.

Paragraph 5: Clouds are elusive let alone cloud security. Clouds are just someone else's iron and (a) HP wrote off their cloud business and bailed out and (b) companies are finding HUGE volumes of data slow to manage,

Enough for now. I take some of these predications with a grain of salt. The pundits missed by a light year on the future of computers.