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Future of ColdFusion

The Adobe ColdFusion (CF) 2014 Summit in Las Vegas revealed many fantastic new developments to fill areas that Adobe has falling behind on.  Technologies advances in Frameworks and CMS try to open the horizon in front end development.  Security and performance enhancements empower I.T. technicians to customize the server to meet the demands required by developers.  

Adobe gave their commitment to continue to advance CF beyond 2025.  Adobe admitted that there is only 10% growth per year which is lagging from many other web programming languages.  



In the end of the 90's through mid 2007, ColdFusion made developing dynamic web applications easier, faster, and cheaper then most other technologies. However, this is no longer the case.  With the birth of CMS in 2001 (Drupal - a php based system) web development has become modular and plug and play.  

Where do you think Adobe should invest development into to make CF better and more popular?