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Coming Soon: New Question Pages

Hi Experts,

Experts Exchange has been developing a new question page to help achieve the following goals:

Improve UX
Unlock content (related content & personalized content)
Highlight experts & create a community feel
Highlight and increase accessibility to other content types and features on EE
Increase engagement/participation
Provide additional ways to identify quality content
Make pages responsive

Here is a list of the updates:  

Left rail navigation- This left rail is sticky and will remain in place as you scroll through the page. The items in the navigation anchor to the corresponding section of the page. The tool bar/share bar has been moved from the bottom of the page to this left rail for easy visibility/accessibility.

Right rail- The components in the right rail are sticky and will switch depending on what section of the page you are viewing. For example, when you are reading the question, you'll see related questions until you scroll down to the accepted solutions, then we highlight the expert that solved the question. Once you have made your way to the bottom of the page, we start suggesting member, groups and topics to follow.

Good Question/Solution/Comment buttons- We have added a way for members to tell the community what content is helpful. Along with providing contributor's with positive feedback for their contribution, we can use these quality indicators to improve algorithms around the site to provide better content to our members. There are currently no points rewarded, but this is something we plan on adding in the future (similar to helpful votes on articles).

Accepted Solution Section- The accepted solution(s) are now highlighted right below the question for quick and easy accessibility. All comments in chronological order are still located in the all comments sections.  

Contributors Section- Highlights the question author and all members who have participated in solving the question.

More Resources- Highlights articles and videos we think the member would be interested in.

Page will be responsive for optimal viewing on browser, tablet and mobile.

We are planning on launching this new question page in July. We will keep you posted on the exact launch date.

Attached are previews of the page:

New Question Page- Browser Width
New Question Page- Tablet Width
 New Question Page- Mobile Width
Brenae Noack
Senior Product Manager, Engagement
Experts Exchange
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Rank: Savant

Expert Comment

>>The third column does NOT show now

Forget to clear cache?  *ducks and runs*
Rank: Elite

Expert Comment

John2015-07-07 01:24 PMID: 1742177
Never had to clear the cache. EE changes took effect and all is well.
Rank: Prodigy

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Dale Fye2015-07-09 07:29 AMID: 1742450
Just spent some time reviewing a question after points were awarded.  Really dislike the fact that the solutions are actually listed twice:
1.  Immediately below the question, and
2.  In sequential order after the "solutions"

This is confusing to me, and I think I am supposed to know what I'm doing.  Because the solutions are out of synch with the actual thread of the question discussion, you cannot tell what discussions went on before the solution was selected.  

Personally, I liked the button at the top of the page, I think it was right below the question title) which would take me to the solution if I wanted to jump directly to that, but having the solutions listed twice is a bit confusing.

just my 2 cents.

Rank: Ace

Expert Comment

aikimark2015-07-09 07:50 AMID: 1742452
In addition to Dale, here's my $.02

With all the crap you've added to the bottom of pages, the last comment is no longer easily viewable near the bottom of the rendered page :-(

I gave my recommendation back at CORE 2010 for packaging comments of questions in the PAQ.  You need to use hidden sections and use them as views
* solutions view -- accepted comment, followed by assisted comment and OP's closing comment
* thread view -- sequential comment view

Members need to be able to suppress meaningless content content or selectively view the content you currently stuff at the bottom of pages.
Rank: Ace

Expert Comment

AndyAinscow2015-07-09 08:10 AMID: 1742456
Concerning duplicated info.
I'm just involved in clarifying matters in a closed question, comments by three experts being accepted.  Trying to find the relevant info from a later clarification comment - not the question - by the author to paste into a new comment by me is a lot more awkward now.  It doesn't appear next to the question but somewhere a couple of pages down.
Rank: Ace

Expert Comment

@Dale - If you have a question with 2 comments, split points and both contain one line of text then you have real trouble reading the solution....