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Farewell but not goodbye!

Today is my last day as an employee at Experts Exchange and tomorrow I will be reborn as a community member. :)

It's been a great journey serving as your Community Manager and meeting many of you through interviews and chats! Feel free to message me if you'd like to stay in touch! I will be lurking around in the VMware topic area.

And yes, now my Hire Me button is for real. (looking at Vitor Montalvão)

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John2015-06-18 03:29 AMID: 1738922
Good to see you back.
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Jim Horn2015-06-18 07:40 AMID: 1738969
So an employee that does an excellent job as a Community Manager leaves, and instead of keeping the presence alive for the next person to follow in her footsteps and receive forwarded messages and emails, disables the user account (it doens't load for me either, even though I see Melanie posted above), and Melly's emails are bouncing.

Someone clearly dropped the ball handling the transition.
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I don't believe the account was disabled.  She just had her 'elevated' privs removed.  I figure she just had to ask to join this group.

Mel... Newark CA from SLO?  Nothing good ever involves the word 'Newark'...  ;)
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Kyle Santos2015-06-18 08:33 AMID: 1738984
I would have to confirm, also Profile access is slow, but Melly's does seem slower!
Thanks for the feedback!  It is being investigated.
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Uni Kitty2015-06-18 08:45 AMID: 1738993
I will still live in SLO! I also don't know why my profile is hanging so much, it hangs for me as well. Netminder was looking into it for me.

The new community contact is Cat Burow, she's amazing and will take good care of you us. ;)
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Jim Horn2015-06-18 08:47 AMID: 1738995
Methinks EE is doing Spy vs. Spy stuff with Melly's employee account.

>The new community contact is Cat Burow, she's amazing and will take good care of you us. ;)
Returning my emails with something other than a canned 'company line' would be an excellent start..