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Top expert leaderboard preferences

Hi everyone,

We would like to better understand your use, likes and dislikes about the top expert leaderboard:

top expert
1. What page do you view the top expert leaderboard? Is this a good place to view it?
2. How often do you reference the top expert leaderboard?
3. What functionality do you use? (overall/question/article/project/video filter, week/month/year/overall filter)
5. What do you like about it?
6. What do you dislike about it?

Thanks in advance for your response!
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serialband2015-07-03 11:17 AMID: 1741595
I don't like the leader board.

If it has to stay.  I don't like the points
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Dude, you really need to get out more...

Here's another one that you "didn't know about":
Do you need more?

For the last time:
Please show me a Q&A site that doesn't show a ranking of participants and the numbers (no matter how they are achieved) of that rank?

You mentioned a "competing" site and it has the same issues that you are against here:  New folks, no matter how brilliant, start at the bottom and work their way up.

>>The EE system has no negatives, just a positive point value

You made my point:  Without the degree of separation between #1 and #2 the rank itself is worthless.

>>where you would want to avoid a bad store.  

Want to bet?  How many posts from supposed "Experts" have you seen that if followed as posted, would destroy someones machine?

>>I was talking about the people that that point to a link with numerous sections and not provide the specifics,

And they are called Google Monkeys and, I'll repeat myself again, NEVER last long.  They either correct the behaviour or are, well, forced to leave.

You speak in generalities in an attempt to support a flawed position.

Please provide anything that supports your opinion.
Show us a TOP Expert that gamed their way there?


>>it's no longer relevant.

You are looking to hire a Java person for a small project.  You look at the top Experts in the Java Topic Area.

After scanning several of their questions they seem similar in ability.

Do you hire the one with 10 million points or 1 million?

They both have their "Hire Me" buttons active?
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serialband2015-07-03 04:46 PMID: 1741623
I don't generally go to the proprietary or specific vendor sites.  The general public knowledge sites are not using points.  So fine, other proprietary sites have points.  I just haven't been to them.  Thanks for the corrections.  They're informative.

Everyone here is a google monkey to some extent.  Some are just better at it than others.  Everyone here "gamed" their way up.  That's the definition and purpose of points, rewards, badges, etc...  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamification#Techniques  I'm not saying all of it is bad.  I'm saying the I disapprove of the leader board and I disapprove of the points if it must stay.

I wouldn't hire someone online that way.  How are the points spread?  There are so many categories here that the full aggregate points are not a good comparison of skill.  I'd be looking at the answers they've provided in the topic too.  How did they handle the question?  How did they solve the questions?  What kinds of detail do they provide?  What projects have they done?  I'd also call up their references.  The points are not relevant.  You don't hire someone based on points.  The points might get you to take a look at both candidates, but you would interview them first.
I wouldn't hire the guy with 10 million points just because he had the points.  I'd also want to see how long he took to get those points.  If it only took him a year, I'd be suspicious of how much actual work he puts into his projects versus being on EE.

Points are not the important criteria you really need, once you've reached a certain level of achievement.  It only matters if you're playing the game.  I already know I'm in the minority, so I don't expect it to change.  I still stand by my very first comment, which addresses the question first asked by Brenae Noack.  It's fine if you disagree. I'm not here to please you.  I just came by to give my opinion of the Leader Board as requested.
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John2015-07-03 04:56 PMID: 1741625
Everyone here is a google monkey to some extent. <-- In my opinion, this is an uninformed statement. Please back up your statement by example of top people (or just me if you wish) and stop these generalizations.  Feel free to use me as an example of what you do not like.

Everyone here "gamed" their way up  <-- This is another generalization. It takes hard work to pedal at the same rate for 6 years in a row.

It might be helpful to use specific example of "easy gaming of the system" and you can use me as an example.
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serialband2015-07-04 12:16 AMID: 1741658
Are you going to tell me you've never used google to find and post a link to something?  Nobody here is quite that knowledgeable about everything.  I do include myself as well.

One example I've seen from many people are the link posts to download aggregators instead of the actual software developer's site.  Those are more easily found through google's SEO altered searches.  10 years ago, that wouldn't have been as much of a problem as in more recent years.  Many of those download aggregators are injecting their own installers and pushing themselves up in the ranking, making it more difficult to find original developer sites without more search terms.  Even the venerable old sourceforge site has recently been caught injecting adware.  http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/05/sourceforge-grabs-gimp-for-windows-account-wraps-installer-in-bundle-pushing-adware/  The only reason you should resort to download aggregators now is when the original developer's site goes away and there's no other resource available.  If you've posted the download aggregator instead of the original source links that credit the author, then you are a google monkey.  Finding the developer site requires additional steps.  This is just one example.

Gaming can be hard work.  Did you not read my link about gamification?  It's not necessarily a bad thing.  For the past 6 years you've been playing the game of answering questions for points.  Have you gotten a T-shirt reward?  Then you've played the game.  You can't tell me you've never looked at your own points even once.  It's there for you to easily look up.  I don't deny that you've worked hard.

I'm not attacking anyone's personal integrity here.  I'm making an observation of how the system works.  The points do make it a game, no matter how you look at it.  That's the entire goal of having points, badges and rewards.  That's been the movement of many industries to gamify everything.  It allows them to get "free" help in exchange for rewards, instead of hiring individuals directly for expertise.  It works well for them and it works well for those that love the rewards and points.
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>> The general public knowledge sites are not using points.

And again, you don't show anything.

How about one of the "top" general knowledge sites:

Odd, I see points, answers and questions...  Strange points are in the first column.

Give us an example that doesn't openly show how they rank their contributors?

>>Are you going to tell me you've never used google to find and post a link to something

I do it all the time.  Some times I even post a simple:  It is in the docs: <link> with a problem or lazy asker.  That isn't "gaming" the system.

The gaming you mention before is the "constant" use of Google and posting links with no other content to achieve "High ranks".

What you have yet to provide, other than VERY BROAD generalizations is a top expert that didn't earn their rank.

>>Then you've played the game.

Now you are switching arguments.  We've never said we didn't play the game.

Playing a game and "gaming the game" are two different things.

You stated that a player that is "gaming the game" could earn their way to the top.

We have maintained they cannot.

If you think it is possible:  Please start trying.  See how long it takes before you are warned that continuing that behaviour will result in your account being locked.  Then continue and see how long until you cannot log in...

Gaming and high ranks do not exist!!!

>>I'm making an observation of how the system works.

No you aren't.  You are making, as mentioned above, VERY BROAD generalizations and not supporting them with actual data.