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After the last 'big' release and ALL THE SIMPLE BUGS.

Along with the disaster that was the display, are you doubling down?

Who thought this was a good idea with ALL the OUTSTANDING BUGS?

Received the notification to check out this new feature:


Not even sure where to begin to "critique" it.  I use "critique" in the nicest possible way I can in quotes...

There are layout issues:
Just like all the previous release gripes:  To describe  "SUGGESTIONS" as close to the width of the Pacific Ocean underestimates the width of the Pacific Ocean.

NOTHING is even in the ballpark!!!

Suggested Topics:  Maybe 20% accurate at best and that assumes I've had a few...
Suggested Members:  GET REAL!!!!  Most are now inactive and NO ONE I would want to click on to see anything about them.  I already know them VERY WELL!!!!!  They are ones that I've been "gracious enough" to "attempt" to assist over the years.
Suggested Groups:  Nothing to say except NOPE.

The main content:  BIG MISS.

First few "links":
MISS:  Exchange/Outlook. All users cannot open emails with attachments/images.
MISS:  AD Group Copy User Account
Slight possibly if I had nothing else to do:  Calculate the month difference between two dates in C#
MISS:  distance between 2 points google maps

Farther down in the list:
DATE and TIME ... don't be scared, and do it right (the first time)

SERIOUSLY?  An article from 2009, related to my Zones.  Do you really think I haven't ALREADY SEEN IT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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>>I don't get notifications for "question alerts" (new questions)

Yep.  Not the same...  I have email alerts for my Oracle saved search.

>> I don't bother trying an Oracle question if slightwv/sdstuber are already on it

You should!  I get in over my head once in a while...  ;)
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i.e. a mechanism for filtering the queue to be relevant, and ignore those which are complete

That sounds like the search results page. I use this page to view my saved searches (XXXX is the number assigned to your own saved search)....

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PortletPaul2015-07-23 04:47 PMID: 1744598
Yes, it would be a little similar if I only had one saved search. My email inbox receives the alerts from all of my saved searches in one list .

That's what I'm seeking; the blended result in one list.

failing that, the blended result of my chosen topics; but only unsolved questions.
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Netminder2015-07-23 09:56 PMID: 1744619

If you'd like, I can take a look at them and see if they can be consolidated. You can also switch between them through the toolbox/briefcase in the upper right (next to the bell).

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PortletPaul2015-07-23 10:20 PMID: 1744625
:-) thanks

but my vision isn't "just a list" as it is now

from that list  can see the question if I want to (via an expand/collapse) and, ideally, the ability to click an "ignore this" so it gets removed from the list

basically I want everything done for me.

(I am learning from my children how to behave.)
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Netminder2015-07-24 12:05 AMID: 1744631