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THIS discussion area, dates on OP?

Comments seem to have date stamps, but the original posts do not.   Is the list sorted by those with the most recent comments?

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Brad Rubin2015-07-29 08:20 AMID: 1745716
Great piece of feedback. We can add date stamps to original posts...
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2015-07-29 09:24 AMID: 1745730
I was wondering that just a few days ago...couldn't figure out what the sequence was, but it looked liked those with comments.

Would be nice to have a sequence based on date started, and a high light of those with new comments  Or better yet, additionally a "new comments" count that can be sorted

You then could find the latest discussions, or those discussions with recent comments.  PM's need the same setup, which I've already brought up.


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Rob Jurd2015-07-29 02:33 PMID: 1745815
It would also be nice to show the timestamps in the local timezone of the member viewing them (like in questions).