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Concurrent Use of EE?

Hi everyone,

We're looking into adding a security feature to EE that would restrict being logged into EE from more than one system at the same time (similar to how Netflix and Steam work) and we wanted to get your thoughts and any concerns about this. Do you have any scenarios where you're using EE from more than one system at the same time that we need to watch out for and make sure not to block? Or have you encountered issues with other systems that are similar to this that we should avoid?

Thanks for your thoughts on this!


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Brian Matis2015-08-20 01:51 PMID: 1750418
Thanks again everyone, this was great feedback! It really helped us understand more about how you use the site and what a pain this proposal would cause for you. I'm happy to say that it's no longer under consideration. To address any of our concerns over account sharing or security issues, solutions such as Evilrix's seem like a much better approach.

Thanks again, everyone!
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_2015-08-20 05:46 PMID: 1750465
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Mike McCracken2015-08-20 06:47 PMID: 1750466
Thank you for listening.  You will find this is a passionate group with good ideas.

EE could be one of the best sites if we could have a real dialogue about where the site should head rather than having people who don't use the site or have only been using it for a limited time make the decisions without input from your base of users many of whom have been here for over 10 years.

Again thanks for listening.

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Mark Wills2015-08-20 09:44 PMID: 1750470
@2150 well said
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Jeff Darling2016-08-11 11:49 AMID: 1929457
Is this to prevent account sharing?   I guess if that is the problem go for it.  I don't share my account so it won't affect me.
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Randy Downs2016-08-11 01:01 PMID: 1929493
Glad they shut it down. It's not unusual to switch devices during research these days.