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Tools, tutorials, and other interesting features for Bootstrap

What are the best sites to support Bootstrap, besides the main site.
To configure the layout usually use the "layoutIT".
But I would like to see discussed here other tools, tutorials, and other interesting resources.
All together we will make a good list.
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Rob2015-08-05 04:55 PMID: 1747122
I always find to be at least a good place to play with bootstrap.  I can edit on my laptop and see the result right away on my phone (reloads automatically).  I have had some issues with the "Add Library" function of with bootstrap but I otherwise just add the CDN links from
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Randy Downs2015-08-07 02:07 PMID: 1747481
Good tutorial at edx (free to audit courses)

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Pedro Chagas2015-08-09 04:43 AMID: 1747715
One of the best site with bootstrap resources:

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Jessica Whitley2015-08-17 10:22 PMID: 1749870
I am an ideas person. I like finding random website ideas and making it happen..
So I find sites like this one...
Look at the layouts. The menu styles, the responsiveness and I find ways of improving upon if possible.