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Is it really worth it?

Firstly, I believe that every "dollar" spent for BI system or any component (DWH, analytic tool, data mining tool, data integration and consolidation tools, etc) of BI system, is worth "every penny" and it will give the valuable information for the organization.

But... there is always that but... Often, during the implementations and especially before the implementation the management level is not so sure and not convinced that the will get the any ROI out of BI system or its components.

What do you think, is the BI and/or BIG DATA just the next cool thing or it will be MUST HAVE for the current amount of data and eventually the next "natural" resource (data or big data)?

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Catherine Burow2014-11-25 11:40 AMID: 135787
Anytime a Business makes decisions without data, it's fundamentally a guess. Potentially an educated guess, but it's the difference between following the scientific method for an experiment, and just trying out different things. Valuable time and money are spent in trying different approaches without looking at the data, and/or without implementing tracking tools for said approach. It's impossible to determine what changes or environmental factors are leading to an increase or decrease in business success without Business Intelligence tools.