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Using the new EE home page

The new home page now shows a left side information piece: me, followed topics, open questions (none), saved searches (none - must try this).

1. Can I change Follow Topics to things I use?
2. The right side info piece is not longer there (generally fine). But now, how do I see Featured Articles?  How to I see participated questions and favourites and so on?  That is, where do I go to find these things.

Otherwise all is well.

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Sinisa Vuk2015-08-13 05:59 AMID: 1748786
I must add that Comment count is not accurate now (at least where are more topics in a question)
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I'm sure some Corporate people are monitoring this but just in case, there is a specific place to report issues with the site:

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_2015-08-13 11:17 AMID: 1748845
Here are some I have bookedmarked.
The first one is for General issues (the same as the link you posted)
The second one is for Group issues
The third one is for Articled
The fourth one is for Messaging issues

Experts Exchange - test the new Network for Technology Professionals

Experts Exchange - Groups and Discussions

Experts Exchange - Article WYSIWYG

Experts Exchange - Messaging System

a couple of more are listed here, as well as a chance to break somebody elses site, if you like that sort of thing:    ; )

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John2015-08-18 06:18 PMID: 1750055
For the home page and for most pages EXCEPT the Answer Page, can we return to 3 columns independent of browser width?  The 3 columns are there. I am saying always make them visible regardless of browser pixel width.

In Answer, column 3 (right hand column) does not need to be included. Not germane when answering questions.

So I understand the new look and lots to like about it. I do not like to be excluded from information because I do not use full screen.

But for the Answer page and working these pages, we need a more expert look that helps us deal with questions.

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>>Not germane when answering questions.
>>But for the Answer page and working these pages, we need a more expert look that helps us deal with questions.

From the other thread, I thought you had no issues with the current design and could answer questions quite well?  You left it because you didn't get it and here you mention it needs work.  Now I don't get it?
I click on Answer, get a detailed list and work away. I have done that since 2008 and there is nothing in the lists I work from that is an impediment.

I like the home page, click on Answer and it is fine. Nothing unusable.

OK, maybe you don't have as strong an opinion of "useful" as others but you cannot have it both ways:
It either needs help, or it doesn't.
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John2015-08-18 07:17 PMID: 1750058
The Answer page does NOT need work. Sorry that I confused you. The Answer page has two columns and works well. Even full screen it only has two columns. So I am happy with that because I do most of my work this way.

Home page has either 2 or 3 columns depending on whether you use windowed IE, or full screen IE. I see this is a modest improvement and I am not trying to have things both ways.

This discussion has remained more orderly. I see no issue with suggesting improvements and I have always done that. In the other discussion, a number of people were whining and complaining and not being helpful in any way.