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Well Done on Making the Site Close to Useless for Experts ... Almost There now...

I see another redesign has gone live, and it moves EE another step forward to being totally useless to an expert.
Where shall I start...

- New links opening a new window by default. What is this 1998?
- The list view doesn't show the asker - obviously EE are fed up with the idiots being ignored by the experts so are now trying to trick the experts in to viewing the questions and then answering them.
- The CSS is using the same colour link for both live and visited links, so no way of knowing if a question is new. No time on the questions which might help.
- The default view mixes in Articles with questions. Except on the list view no way of seeing what is a question and what is an article.
- The questions view has answered questions mixed in as well.

Why any power user would use the Detailed view, I don't know, but the list view is close to useless.

Does anyone actually test this stuff before pushing it out?

Sorry to say, but I think my participation on the site will shortly stop - you have made it impossible to work in a high traffic area like the Exchange zone.
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Brian Matis2015-08-28 01:18 PMID: 1751808
I have now stopped following you.
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fanpages2015-08-28 01:54 PMID: 1751809
^ Er, thanks, I think! :)

I take it you do not have a "test" member to use, but presently I see "0 Members in Network".

So, you've "fixed" the issue by trampling over the results! :{
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fanpages2015-09-08 11:54 PMID: 1753526
OK... today's "What the Heck?" moment (that, when I checked, has been here for a while)...

The Member Answer History within the Profile pages:

20150909_0747 - Member Answer History - Asterisk.jpg
When you hover over the Asterisk, the word "POINTS" is revealed:

20150909_0747 - Member Answer History - Asterisk to POINTS.jpg
It does look to me, however, that "POINTS" could be displayed where the Asterisk resides without any crowding of the headings of the two adjoining columns (left & right).

Why the need for the extra functionality?
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Geert G2015-09-09 12:14 AMID: 1753527
an attempt at showing "points" is your favorite topic ?
it seems to be my favorite topic too
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fanpages2015-09-09 01:06 AMID: 1753531
The issue is particularly noticeable in my Profile here:

20150909_0902 - History with Asterisk

20150909_0902 - History with POINTS
This also happens when I view the "History" of another member in their Profile page(s).
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Nick672015-10-02 08:04 AMID: 1770495
Brickbats when deserved, but kudos when earned, toograyThank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I have bitched incessantly about the bright-white-like-a-lightbulb since the day V10 launched
The discussion page still has it, but the page opened by email links to questions does not.
Thank you!
There is still a special place reserved in hell for those that created all that eyestrain, but at least it is now finally -- years late -- being mitigated.

One more time:  Thank you!