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One of my first posts from 1994 probably via AOL when Steve Case announced a landmark 100,000 users of AOL!searchin/
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Hunty2015-08-19 03:59 AMID: 1750125
Wow!  I used to do newsgroups too!  I met some very interesting people back then.  Even owned a newsgroup of my own on a private sever.  I was on (later Prodigy) at that time.  Ah, the good ol' days!

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Anthony Pangilinan2015-08-19 09:02 AMID: 1750168
That's awesome!  Internet has come a long way as well as sneaker cleaning (!  In 94, I had yet to be on the internet and I was either rockin some LA Gear Catapult takedown or some British Knights.
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Scott Fell2015-08-19 09:28 AMID: 1750173
I have used all the old services before there was the internet.  Prodigy was one, compuserv and there was one I can't remember that was all about playing games where you had to download the software but played with people from around the world.  It was cool back then.  On compuserv it was a big thing to download 5 large text files, copy and paste them to one large file that just about broke your computer, use a mime software to convert that text to an image.  It took hours or all night to download an large image but it doing all that had the wow factor.    

Back then it as a big deal to not be commercial. If you tried to sell something you were flamed pretty good.  You just had to be helpful and hope somebody liked what you had to say and contacted you. That is how I got into the QA business.

By the way, when cleaning your shoes, stay away from the quick cleaners because they have alcohol and can dry things out.  Mild detergent like Ivory soap and water is the best thing to clean non-suede hardy material.