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Hyper-V Virtual Switch Config and Errors

Not to state the obvious, however when a virtual switch encounters problems the entire network is affected. I've configured many and haven't had any issues while others have caused more problems leaving me baffled and frustrated. What I can't determine is with absolute clarity if it's a bug or me. I've followed the written articles from Microsoft some work some don't, there's plenty of discussion online how to configure it's when the same config doesn't work for the same setup on another network that I continue to be baffled about. I'm hoping to put a rest to any confusion with this discussion.

The scenario is 2012 r2 server (host) with two VM's, one VM the PDC and the other exchange.  My understanding is configure an internal virtual switch for the VM's to communicate together with the host and each other. I've not had allot of trouble with internal virtual switches  by themselves however I've had to delete the internal virtual switch to get the external virtual switch to work. Strange behavior, according to my knowledge both should be configured and not affect the other. I've seen where after deleting the internal virtual switch this allows the VM's to communicate past the host (only the external virtual switch configured). I cannot determine why this happens.

Another frustrating problem is when the static IP's on the switches change to dynamic. I believe the internal switch should only have a static IP and default gateway, everything else left blank. The external switch left to dynamic, however after the internal switch changes to dynamic (not sure why) the communication between the VM's and host is horrible and troubleshooting often prevails. It's not as easy as just resetting...another problem that seems random.

I've installed quite a few server 2012 r2 with VM's and beginning to lose confidence, seems hit and miss at times as well hear allot of concerns others are having with similar issues.

Thank you.