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Did you experience Mimecast down service today (9/21/2015)

If you use Mimecast as a Service and you experienced the extreme delay/down of email processing on 9/21/2015 please reply.

I first noticed it around 11:45 AM EST when my queue on my Exchange server grew for 30 mins.  When I looked at my queue I saw that the SMTP connector was building. Then at 11:53 I received a text alert on my phone that they we're aware of an issue with my cluster.  I called support around 12:15 (which was prior to me seeing my text) and the tech did state that the U.S. is experiencing the issue and it affecting most U.S. customers.  Later I inquired with chat support when I was unable to get the updates from mimecast.com/login and mentioned something about updates were applied to the clusters i was on that were the cause.  Never got 100% confirmation on this.  I did get validation my by old manger that also uses the service also was experiencing the as did clients of my firm who use Mimecast as a Service.  So this looked like it was a huger deal then I thought when it was still an issue @ 5:30 PM EST (6 hrs since my last e-mail processed in my queue).

Finally was able to logon to the portal to check the status issue @ 6:00 PM EST and saw that they finally pin-pointed the issue @ 5:55 EST.
I started to see external email come in and replies back from e-mails that were stuck in the queue. At 8:30 EST i received another text from support stating "Email processing is normal and backlog reduction continues.  There has been no e-mail loss.  An incident report will be published this week."

I feel they owe us (all the customers) an honest reason what happened and should honor all of us some serious monetary redemption.

There is no way they would be able to fall back on an SLA

If they do not do the right thing a class action suit should then follow.
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>> Just shows how "The Cloud" is not as good, as everyone makes out!

Our sys admin had this posted outside his cube for the longest time:
How true
and everyone knows:
Eventually computers fail.
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yo_bee2015-09-22 10:54 AMID: 1758174
Loving the comments :)
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David Johnson, CD2015-09-23 08:54 AMID: 1759695
No one should promise a SLA of 100%.  Good marketing point but impossible to achieve.. Check your contract.

5 9's is hard enough (5 minutes / year / planned or unplanned outage)
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yo_bee2015-09-23 08:59 AMID: 1759714
but 11 hrs before things righted themselves is a bit much
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Joseph Daly2015-09-24 01:23 PMID: 1761714
We were affected as well. Word on the street is DDos attack which caused the outage. I doubt anyone will see any money

1. Check your contract at least in our contract there was a provision about SLA not being enforceable in the event of a denial of service attack.
2. Our account rep repeatedly used some peculiar language that struck me as odd. He kept on saying that their services never went down, they were just running extremely slowly due to the DOS attack. No proof on this but I have a feeling that phrasing came down from above meaning that they never "technically" went down so their SLA was never broken.
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Whomever has the better lawyers wins 100% of the time!!!

My bet:  They can outspend you in court for YEARS.

Class Action is your only chance.

>>No one should promise a SLA of 100%.  Good marketing point but impossible to achieve..

I Disagree:  EVERYONE should promise it!!!!

If you can get people to pay you for it, rake it in!!!  When it doesn't happen, file chapter 11!!!

I don't feel sorry for you if you buy into the hype and ignore reality.

Tell you what for a limited time offer:
Without any software installs or remote access, I'll guarantee 100% up to the millisecond disaster recovery for 1 Million a year on a 10 year contract if paid up front in full...