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Oct. 6th Patch Release


We expect to push an emergency patch release tonight or early tomorrow to resolve issues related to content feeds on topic landing pages and other areas of the site. Unfortunately, this release may cause multiple "Group Discussion" notifications, especially for those who choose to receive instant updates on new group discussions. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience, and expect this to be a temporary issue related to the patch release.

Thank you so much for your understanding.
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Jim Horn2015-10-06 07:36 PMID: 1771962
No problem.  Just let us have our 'points for' and 'no points' zones back and we won't say a thing...
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Brenae Noack2015-10-12 04:58 PMID: 1775035
Hi käµfm³d 👽,

Thanks for reporting. The link has been fixed.

Best regards,