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I'm at VMworld 2015, courtesy of Experts Exchange

As Experts Exchange have foot the bill for me to be in Barcelona, at VMworld 2015, I only thought I must post a discussion.

So here's a photo, I took this am...

VMworld 2015, Barcelona
and lots of interesting VMware related tech

1. VMware NSX
2. VMware vSAN
3. VMware EVO:RAIL - 4 nodes in one box, up and running in 15 minutes
4. VMware EVO:RAIL SDDC - compelete datacentre in a box, in 2 hours!
5. Docker Containers

and it's only the 2 day!

Have fun, VMware fans....
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patron2015-10-13 08:53 AMID: 1775714
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Loganathan Natarajan2015-10-13 10:12 AMID: 1775781
Good to hear

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ITAddict2015-10-13 01:19 PMID: 1775934
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Well must have brought the rain with me to Barcelona!

as for luck, hard work and support of EE!
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Zacharia Kurian2015-10-15 02:00 AMID: 1777162
Expecting some great articles/thoughts from you after VMworld 2015

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oh that didn't post....

1. upgrade and implement vSphere 6.0.
2. Implement vSAN 6.0
3. Upgrade to EVO:RAIL
4. If larger datacenter upgrade to EVO:RAIL SDDC
5. Replace all networing with VSX