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New Answer Questions Page

Hi Experts,

Today we launched a new Answer Questions page. The goal of this page is to make it easier and faster to find open questions to answer in your areas of expertise.

The Answer Questions page is accessible under the Solve or Contribute tabs in the top navigation or other Answer Questions buttons throughout the site.

Here is a guide to the new Answer Questions page:

Answer Page

1. Open questions list

The question table defaults to all open (unanswered) questions.
This list can be filtered by topics you follow or your saved searches.
Further refine the list by keywords and questions you are participating in.

2.  Customize the data columns

Customize which columns you want to see by clicking the gear icon in the upper right of the table. Select or deselect the columns you would like visible.
Column widths are also adjustable.
Title: Displays the question title. Hover over the title to view the first 100 characters of the question body. You may sort this column. Clicking the question title will open it in a new tab.
Topics: Displays the topics the question is posted in. Clicking the topic will take you to the topic landing page.
Submit Date: Displays the time (within 24 hours) or date the question was submitted. You may sort this column.
Author Name: Displays the member who posted the question. Clicking the member’s name will take you to their profile page.
Comments: Displays total comment count for the question, including author, expert and administrator comments. You may sort this column.
Expert Comments: Displays the expert comment count only, excluding any author or administrator comments.
Last Comment Date: Displays the time (within 24 hours) or date of the last comment. This includes all comment types. You may sort this column. Clicking on the time/date will open the question in a new tab and anchor it to the the last comment.
Last Comment By: Displays the member who posted the most recent comment. Clicking on the member name will take you to their profile page.

3. Followed topics filter

Your followed topics are displayed on the left toolbar. To filter questions by a specific topic you follow, click the checkbox next to the topic name.
To follow a topic from this page, search for the topic in the Search Topics to Follow field. Upon selecting a from these search results, you will instantly start following the topic and can filter by that topic.
You cannot combine a followed topic filter and a saved search filter.
To manage your followed topics, click here.

4. Saved search filter

Your saved searches are displayed on the left toolbar. To filter questions by a specific saved search, click the saved search title.
You can only filter by one saved search at a time.
Filtering by saved searches will only show open questions even if your saved search is set up for different content types.
You cannot combine a followed topic filter and a saved search filter.
For more information about creating saved searches, click here.
To manage your saved searches, click here.

5. Search by keyword

Refine the open question list by using the Search for Questions to Answer search field. This performs a basic search on all text within questions, not just the title.

6. Participated questions filter

Further refine your selection by selecting the Participated Only checkbox next to the search field. This will only display questions you have participated in.
To view all open questions you are participating in, clear the filters by collapsing the followed topics and the saved search filters.

7. Profile image and member name

When answering questions, using a professional profile photo and your full name as your member name are recommended.

8. Points

Answer questions to earn points (up to 2,000 points per question solved). Learn more about points.
Click the “+” in your profile display box in the left toolbar to display more detailed information about your point totals.
Points this month: Displays the points you have earned in the calendar month. Earn 3,000 points per calendar month to earn free Premium membership.
Points away from next certification: Displays how many points you are away from your next topic certification.

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

Brenae Noack
Senior Product Manager
Experts Exchange
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Rank: Savant

Expert Comment

Qlemo2015-10-27 03:40 AMID: 1796954
Using Saved Searches containing a filter condition of "Exclude", "Any Activity By", "Qlemo" seem to work in the Answer page - you are getting non-participated questions only. This is the way I have set up my main serarches anyway.

Checking "participated only" overrides that activity filter part, which is good.

This allows for both "participated" and "non-participated".
Rank: Savant

Expert Comment

Qlemo2015-10-27 03:47 AMID: 1796975
Issue: The order of Saved Searches is different from what I have set up:Saved-Searches---order.pngThe most important filter is at the bottom, out of sight now ...

Author Comment

Brenae Noack2015-10-27 08:47 AMID: 1797875
Thank you for the feedback, it is very helpful for us to understand and prioritize what future updates will deliver the most value.

Here is what I have documented so far:

Feature Requests:
Select multiple Saved Search filters
Combine Saved Search and Topic filters
Participating/Not Participating
Select All/Select None
Neglected and Abandoned Include/Exclude
Auto-refresh list

Order Saved Search by member's preference
Copy: Earn up to 2,800 points (if eligible for bonus points)
Responsive issues

Expert Comment

Catherine Burow2015-11-05 06:15 PMID: 1816054
I'd like to add 2 minor feature requests on this page.

When I played around with the page, I found myself wanting to include some topics but exclude others. Like include spreadsheets and excel, but exclude VBA. I know this can be done by creating a saved search with this criteria, but it'd be a "nice to have" option to filter them right from that interface.

Second, I found myself looking for the option to filter out questions that were deleted. When I check the box for "participated only" it displays open questions and deleted questions that I participated in. I think it would be a "nice to have" option to take out the deleted ones, but maybe there are benefits to having the deleted questions in that list?

Thanks for all the hard work on this! I found the page very engaging and made it really easy to find a question I could contribute on.

Author Comment

Brenae Noack2015-11-06 08:14 AMID: 1816914
Hi Cat,

Thanks for the feedback! I am happy you are enjoying the page and I think your filtering suggestion would be a good value-add.

We have identified the deleted questions issue you are seeing and are working on getting it fixed. The deleted questions that are showing up are  from topics that have been migrated to groups (community support, lounge, etc.), all other deleted questions should be getting filtered out. Please let me know if you have encountered deleted questions from topics that have not been migrated.

If you have any further feedback, feel free to post here!

- Brenae

Expert Comment

Catherine Burow2015-11-06 09:40 AMID: 1817055
Nope, you're right all the deleted questions are from topic areas that were migrated to groups!